Monday, June 2, 2014

"Song Lyric" - Theme challenge #4 : May 19th - June 1st

HOLY GUACAMOLE YA'LL! Your all amazing!!

This was seriously the toughest to narrow down to 10, we've ever had. I am amazed by all the talent that is shared on this page <3


Since I am basically speechless, We'll jump right into this week....


Our "Song Lyric" theme winner! 

This was chosen as this themes winner because, well, the lyrics are PERFECT! <3

"Now that she's back in the atmosphere
With drops of Jupiter in her hair"


Our 9 Honorable Mentions in no particular order.

"Raven hair and ruby lips, sparks fly from her finger tips."


"They told him don't you ever come around here
Don't wanna see your face, you better disappear
The fire's in their eyes and their words are really clear
So beat it, just beat it"


"Brother, sister, and best friends, baby we're the perfect blend" 


"she wore an itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikini..."


"Every picture has it's shadows
And it has some source of light
Blindness, blindness and sight"


"Screen door slams, Mary's dress waves"


You can be the greatest.
You can be the best. 
You can be King Kong banging on your chest. 
You can beat the world, you can beat the wall. 
You can talk to God, go banging on his door. 
You can throw your hands up, you can beat the clock. 
You can move a mountain.
You can break rocks. 
You can be a master. 
Don't wait for luck. 
Dedicate yourself and you're going to find yourself standing in the hall of fame.
And the world is going to know your name.


"I wrestled long with my youth
We tried so hard to live in the truth
But do not tell me all is fine
When I lose my head, I lose my spine"


"If you don't get in the water you're never gonna learn to swim
He said a snake is just as scared of you as you are of him
He could tell by the moon when the fish would bite
Seems there was nothing that he didn't know
And as a kid I believed 'cause Grandpa told me so"


Thank you everyone who participated in this 2 week long theme challenge!!! 

Please join us over at  Snap Rebellion for our next theme -

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This theme ends June 8th!!!

I CANNOT wait to see what ya'll share <3

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